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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Losing Control

My husband left for France Sunday. We went to see Robin Hood for our family's last night together and the evening was spoiled by my yelling at the theater manager.

First, he confiscated my ice cream (okay, I knew I shouldn't have brought it into the theater in the first place. My bad). Then, he followed me through the corridor asking for the name of the person who let me in the door with it. When I didn't give it to him, I was ushered out to dispose of all contraband snacks. I re-entered the facility with an empty plastic cup containing a few ice cubes. I walked past the ticket guy again and again was stopped by the manager and asked to dispose of the empty cup. By this point, the film had started, so I hurled the cup toward a nearby trash can hoping to make a basket.

Wouldn't you know it—the darn thing bounced off the rim and splattered ice cubes all over the floor. For the third time, the manager came over to me and announced in a most condescending tone, "Maam, that was really inappropriate."

If I hadn't been upset all day about losing my husband and facing the next months alone, and dealing with our way too hectic schedule, and keeping everyone happy, and crating peace at my office, I probably would have agreed with him.

But I blew a gasket. My embarrassed husband cleaned up the mess while the manager and his buddy laughed at us.

Some people believe in karma. While I wouldn't go that far, I can look back at the situation and see that most of it came about because of my own bad vibes (or whatever you want to call them). If I had been calm and peaceful, that guys obnoxious behavior would have amounted to nothing. But by losing my temper, I gave him control over the situation. And things spiraled way out of control.

Note to self: When you're dealing with a pesky person, don't concede. Remember that you are in control of your emotions. If they make you really angry, they win.

Easier said than done, I know. But worth the reminder anyway.

Tonight I'm going to watch a chick-flick on my laptop and eat a pint of ice cream!

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