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Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm having an awful day. Days like this drive me to autopilot. And autopilot makes me wonder if I'm really alive or just going through the motions. Which leads down the rabbit hole of faith. What is it anyway? Do we go to church on Sunday merely to psych ourselves into believing in something bigger than the strain of everyday life? Is it something like a glee club for the weak minded—a prop to keep us motivated? As Marx would say, the opiate of the masses.

Really, I'm not that cynical. And I've learned during the last 40 years to look at concrete evidence when I'm shaken like this. So here's my evidence for today—
10 THINGS that tell me I'm alive and God is good:

1) The warm sun on my face
2) Brahms
3) Chanel dresses
4) Orchids
5) Sumatra coffee
6) Van Gogh paintings
7) Cherry trees
8) Tim's blue eyes
9) Ecclesiastes
10) Good friends


Anonymous said...

here are some more things for your list: Beethoven on piano, the perfect meal of French bread with butter and a cup of dark roasted coffee, the smell of my little girl's hair, the phone call that tells me my husband made it home safely, a sister, an American soldier fighting to preserve my freedom, and the innocent man who poured out his blood to give me life.

Anonymous said...

1. reading a really wonderful story that's so brilliant it makes you laugh
2. seeing the buds come out on the tree you thought didn't make it through the winter
3. waking up naturally and realizing that you're actually comfortable and allowed to go back to sleep
4. a large bird crossing perpendicularly overhead as you drive down the highway
5. putting leftovers together and coming out with something undeniably delicious!
6. being with family when everyone's genuinely happy
7. watching the trees rustle and sway in the wind like they're talking to you
8. a dream you know God fabricated in your brain on purpose
9. a perfect song you're hearing for the first time
10. eyesight, even when you have to cram something into your eyes to enjoy it

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

1. Saturday mornings.
2. Library book sales.
3. Finding the one piece of furniture that works perfectly.
4. Children who say "Thank You"
5. Pizza
6. Isaiah 43:18-19
7. An all day visit with my girlfriend. (Which I'm having on Thursday, by the way.)

Julie McClelland said...

During a particularly stressful time in my life, I decided to note some things that bring me life. Some of the entries were:

1. long, hot baths
2. time to waste
3. watching my children
4. foot rubs
5. the sway of trees in the wind
6. turning the music way up in the car when I'm by myself
7. sitting outside on a quiet spring morning, listening to the birds and watching the plants smile
8. reading something that is true yet unbelievable

I have many more, but as I age, I have grown to love looking at the wrinkles in my husband's face when he smiles. I love to study my family's faces and notice the little changes as they age. Maybe it will slow time!

toni stoneman said...

I love that you enjoy your husband's aging face. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, I don't like to watch my face get older!